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    How to Tell If Your Home Has a Bed Bug Infestation

    Last updated 5 days ago

    If you wake up with itchy bites and notice red or black spots on your bed sheets, you may have a bed bug infestation. Although it is hard to locate bed bugs, you can get a good idea if they are present by looking for shed skins, eggs, blood spots, and fecal spots. Continue reading for tips on how to tell if you have a bed bug infestation.

    Concentrated Bites
    Waking up with new bites is not sufficient proof that you have a bed bug problem, as it could be a rash or a bite from some other insect. Some people don’t even react to bed bug bites at all. But if you notice a concentration of itching bites on your body, it’s time to look for the other telltale signs of a bed bug infestation.

    Spots, Molted Skins, and Blood Spots
    Bed bugs leave quite a few signs that they are living in your home. If you have a bed bug infestation, you’ll notice black fecal spots, shed skins, hatched eggs, or blood spots in areas where the bed bugs are living or feeding. Look along the mattress seams and the mattress tag, on the box springs frame, behind the mattress headboard, the edges of carpeting, behind pictures on the wall, on ceiling/wall junctions, and near electrical outlets.

    Bed Bug Aggregations
    As you look for bed bug eggs, shed skins, and fecal and blood spots, you may also see multiple life stages of live bed bugs. If you notice dark spots on the ceiling or walls, take a closer look: it could be live bed bugs or fecal spotting. Look for bed bug aggregations under and near the mattress and headboard, behind loose wallpaper, behind baseboards, inside baseboard heaters, and in personal belongings, such as books, stuffed animals, and magazines.

    Burns Bed Bug Control of Phoenix has an excellent reputation for bed bug elimination. Call us at (602) 814-0439 if you have any questions, and visit our website to learn about the bed bug detection and elimination methods we offer for residential and commercial customers throughout the Valley of the Sun.  

    Tips to Prevent Bed Bugs

    Last updated 12 days ago

    Unlike a lot of other pests, bed bugs do not come from the outdoors seeking shelter. They depend on humans for transportation, and are typically moved on luggage or clothing following domestic or international travels. To prevent bringing bed bugs into your home, thoroughly inspect a hotel room before staying the night. When you arrive home, inspect your luggage and wash all clothes you brought with hot water. For more bed bug prevention tips, watch this short video clip. 

    If you have unknowingly brought bed bugs into your home, Burns Bed Bug Control can help. Our bed bug elimination experts can identify an infestation and recommend the appropriate action to rid your home and protect your family. Call us at (602) 814-0439 to learn more about our bed bug elimination services in Phoenix and Tucson, AZ

    Common Myths About Bed Bugs

    Last updated 19 days ago

    Once a pest of the past, bed bugs are making a huge comeback around the globe. In the United States, bed bugs all but vanished during the 1940s and ‘50s thanks to pesticides and improvements in hygiene, but their numbers have ballooned in virtually every state. While bed bugs are spreading across the globe at an alarming rate, misinformation about their biology and behaviors are spreading just as rapidly. To help set the record straight, here are the facts behind some of the most notorious myths about bed bugs

    Myth: Bed Bugs Can Live a Year or More without a Meal
    While scientists are still debating this point, a growing body of evidence suggests that at normal room temperature, bed bugs can only survive up to three months without a blood meal. In colder climates, their metabolism will slow down, allowing them to live significantly linger without a meal.

    Myth: Bed Bugs Reproduce Quickly
    Compared with other insects, such as termites and cockroaches, bed bugs are slow to reproduce. Adult females produce about one egg per day. By comparison, the common housefly can lay up to 1,000 eggs each week. Bed bug eggs take 10 days to hatch, and another five to six weeks to develop into adults.

    Myth: Bed Bugs Only Live in Mattresses
    The image of bed bugs crawling around mattresses is fairly accurate, but they can live on any surface in your home. Bed bugs spread away from beds into other living areas, and can be found on chairs, couches, area rugs, and anywhere else where they can hide.

    If your home or commercial business is crawling with bed bugs, call the experts at Burns Bed Bug Control. We provide professional bed bug elimination services throughout Phoenix and Tucson, AZ. To learn more about our bed bug detection and remediation services, call us today at (602) 814-0439.

    Burns Bed Bug Control at Work

    Last updated 27 days ago

    Across the valley, bed bugs are returning to cause worry and stress. These tiny insects can sometimes be difficult to spot, but a new weapon in your pest control expert’s arsenal is improving detection rates.

    This video features one of Burns Bed Bug Control’s K9 detection teams. Our dogs are trained to sniff out bed bugs in your home. You’ll see how this black Lab is able to find two salt shakers filled with bed bugs quickly and effectively, even when they are hidden in a large apartment. 

    If you suspect a bed bug problem in your home or office, Burns Bed Bug Control’s K9 detection services will ensure any pests hiding on your property are found and eliminated. You can learn more about our K9 detection teams or schedule an inspection by calling (602) 814-0439 today. Check out our website to find out more about our family-owned and operated business.  

    Answering Some Common Questions About Bed Bugs

    Last updated 1 month ago

    “Bed bugs” are two words that can strike fear in the heart of every homeowner, but that doesn’t mean everyone knows exactly what they are afraid of. You probably know what bed bugs look like and how difficult they are to eliminate on your own, but you likely have dozens of questions about how to find them, the risks they pose to your health, and how a bed bug control company can get rid of them for good. If you have such questions, you’re in luck, because below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about bed bugs and bed bug control

    Where are Bed Bugs Found?
    Bed bugs are truly a global phenomenon, affecting homes and businesses from North and South America to Africa, Asia, and Europe. Although bed bugs were originally a problem in developing countries, international travel has helped bed bugs reach virtually every part of the world. Bed bugs are just as likely to be found in run-down apartments and motels as they are in five-star hotels and resorts.

    What Health Risks do Bed Bugs Pose?
    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, bed bugs are not considered as a medical or public health hazard. While bed bugs are not known to spread disease, they can be an annoyance, especially considering that their presence may cause excessive itching and loss of sleep.

    How are Bed Bugs Treated?
    Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to eliminate without professional help. A bed bug control company will use specially trained K9s to positively identify a bed bug infestation in your home. To rid your home of bed bugs, exterminators will use an integrated pest management approach, including void area treatment, crack and crevice applications, vacuum removal, contact application, and thermal remediation.

    If you suspect that your home is infested with bed bugs, contact the experts at Burns Bed Bug Control. Our experienced bed bug inspection and remediation team can effectively remove bed bugs from your home or commercial business in Phoenix and Tucson, AZ. Call us at (602) 814-0439 to learn more about our bed bug elimination services

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